We are insured.

Safety is our top priority.

Treats and Play Dog Walkers bring a new way of taking care of your dog.

Our purpose is focused on allowing your urban dog the chance to be a real dog.

We care about creating good moments together with your dog.

We base our activities on providing your dog with the best experience.

We care about the quality of time your friend spends outside, so our job is not complete until your dog is fully satisfied.

Let your best friend join our team and enjoy what nature has to offer to us.


Raised in the countryside of Brazil, Val grew up in direct daily contact with nature and learned how to respect and protect it in all its forms.

He became an experienced hiker from an early age, as one of his favorite activities was hiking with friends and their dogs.

Since moving to Santa Monica, he has discovered incredible local trails.

Val feels grateful to combine his 2 passions, dogs and hiking.


Raised in L.A., Lauren grew up enjoying furry friends in their urban environment.

She spent her childhood with her family’s Maltese-Poodle named Wiggles and began a lifelong love of dogs.

Lauren feels grateful to combine her 2 passions, dogs and organization!


All our dog owners are enthusiastic about the daily nature experience their urban dogs get!

Feel so relieved that I can trust someone to take care of my dog like I would!
I can't believe that I pay the same amount as Wag but get 6 times the amount of time for the same price.


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We are dog walkers who feel that your dog deserves better than just a daily 20 minute walk. For the same cost you’d spend with Wag or Rover, you’ll get 2 hours of group activity that stimulates the brain, increases wellness and improves health!